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About Lifework

We believe…

We believe people with disabilities should be treated with respect and dignity. We want to help you lead a full and rich life, the kind of life you desire — “a life that works.”

The following principles are the foundation of our work:

  • Support is individualized, person-centered, and community-based. We do not provide group placements or sheltered programs.
  • We will focus on your gifts and capabilities.
  • We will work to help you find and keep a job that builds on your strengths and respects your dreams and preferences.
  • We will listen to what you desire.
  • We will help you communicate in a way that makes sense to you.
  • We will support you in making your own decisions and choices.

LifeWork is a qualified provider of job coaching services for Real Life Choices and Pathways to Adult Life in Monmouth and Ocean counties New Jersey.

LifeWork Offers:

  • Placement and evaluation services to identify skills, interests, and support needs
  • Community based internships to experience work in different types of businesses and
  • Job search and development to find the right career fit
  • Job coaching and support for employees and employers to help people succeed and help businesses grow

LifeWork Collaborates With:

  • School Districts – offering an array of community-based vocational services for students for whom developing employment skills is an important part of the transition planning process. We are partners in making the transition from school to work as seamless as possible.
  • NJ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation – as an approved vendor of supported employment services, including pre-placement services, intensive job coaching and long term follow-along.
  • Division of Development Disabilities – as a qualified provider of job coaching services in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.